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Female Athlete Monthly Meet

Hosted by WiSEAN x The Period of the period

These female athlete monthly meets are  free virtual session with a new guest presenter each time, focused on topics in this area. The meetings will be hosted using Microsoft Teams and will last about 1 hour (5-10 minutes introduction, 30-40 minutes presentation from guest speaker and 15 minutes Q&A)

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Our next meet 


Our previous meets (click the image to play the recording)
FEMM#3 Presenter announcement
FEMM#2_ Presenter announcement Twitter (
Female athlete monthly meet_ Presenter a


A focus on exercise-induced muscle damage in females throughout the lifespan.

Dr Nuria Romero


Perceptions and experiences of the menstrual cycle in elite sport.

Dr Natalie Brown


Injury incidence across the menstrual cycle in international footballers. Dr Daniel Martin

ACL Injury: Towards a gendered environmental approach.

Dr Joanne Parsons


Female athlete experiences of ‘recovery from Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport (RED-S).

Dr Rachel Langbein 



Inspiring women to be active during midlife & menopause.

Liz Prinz from Women In Sport.

New FAMM announcment (1).png


"Invisible Sportswomen”: The sex data gap in sport & exercise science research.

Emma Cowley


FAMM #7 Recommendations and nutritional considerations for female athletes. Health and Performance. Bryan Holtzman


FAMM #8 

Applying a whole-systems approach to physical activity during and after pregnancy.

Grainne Donnelly



Women's football practices in Europe: European Women in Sport Project

Jacky Forsyth, Alex Blackett and Lorna Mackay

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