Mentoring Scheme

The aims of our mentoring scheme are:

  • To connect experienced researchers with talented individuals who want to  develop their research skills

  • To provide a platform to share knowledge, skills and experience

  • To promote personal and professional development

Mentor benefits:

  • Reinforce your own skills and knowledge of your subject and share this with others

  • Develop leadership and management qualities

  • Develop wider professional relationships

  • Gain satisfaction from being able to encourage and guide others

  • Continue with your own professional development

Mentee benefits:

  • Receive encouragement, practical advice and support to achieve goals

  • Learn to think critically and challenge your assumptions

  • Increase your social and academic confidence

  • Gain a different perspective and be challenged based on mentor experience

  • Enhance your career and professional development

If you would like further information about the mentoring scheme please contact:

Dr Rachael Bullingham:

WiSEAN Mentoring Scheme Guidance