Dr Jacky Forsyth is an exercise physiologist, specialising in women’s exercise and health.  She is passionate about encouraging more research on women in sport and exercise (hence the development of this network), since women are often overlooked when it comes to designing, prescribing and evaluating exercise and nutrition programmes. She wishes to promote a better understanding of the physiological factors affecting women’s exercise and sports performance, by not only carrying out research, but also by disseminating this research for the benefit of all women who take part in exercise and sport. She is an Associate Professor at Staffordshire University, and her research specialism is on the interactive effect of ovarian hormones (oestrogen and progsterone) and bone health. She also undertakes consultative work to improve the fitness and health of the exercising female.

Dr Claire-Marie Roberts is a BPS Chartered Psychologist (CPsychol), Chartered Scientist (CSci) and BASES Accredited Sport and Exercise Scientist who is an applied practitioner and an academic. As an applied practitioner, she specialises in working with individual and team athletes, coaches, support staff and National Governing Bodies in sport. She was a British Olympic Association (BOA) Psychologist who supported Team GB at the London 2012 Olympic Games. She has also supported athletes from a number of sports including swimming, golf, hockey, football, handball, fencing, tennis, cricket, and rugby union. Claire-Marie's specific research interests include the psychology of the female athlete and the psychology of combining motherhood and an elite athletic career.

Rachael Bullingham is a Senior Lecturer in Physical Education and Course Leader of the Physical Education and Outdoor Education at the University of Worcester. She previously taught Physical Education in a secondary school. In addition to teaching, she has been involved in research and has recently published on the topic of homophobia in sport. Rachael’s PhD analysed the experiences of openly lesbian athletes participating in team sports. She has published ‘Out in Sport’ which offers an up-to-date examination of homophobia in sport. More recently she has published on lesbian athletes in the sports media and athletes coming out. She is currently working on projects with colleagues in education, examining the experiences of gay and lesbian teachers. Her next project is to examine the experiences of female commentators. Additionally, she is part of the Sport Collision Collective, which is focused on making rugby within educational settings safer for children. As part of this collective, she is currently interviewing teachers' experiences within playing, coaching, teaching and refereeing rugby. She has recently had an article accepted on the lack of age representation in the governance of rugby union in England.

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Dr Nicola Brown is a Reader in Female Health and teaches on undergraduate and postgraduate degree programmes in the Faculty of Sport, Health and Applied Science at St Mary’s University. She is also a member of the Research Group in Breast Health at the University of Portsmouth who are well known within the commercial sector, with research projects funded by many of the major lingerie, sports bra, and sporting apparel manufacturers around the world. Recent projects Nikki has been involved in include investigation of sports bra use, sports bra preferences, breast pain and bra fit issues in exercising females, breast education of adolescent schoolgirls, and the relationship between breast size and body composition. These projects aim to increase scientific knowledge of breast health issues and to inform effective strategies for optimising health and performance of female athletes and exercisers. Additionally, Nicola is an accredited ISAK Level 3 Anthropometrist delivering ISAK-accredited training courses to a wide range of sport and health professionals. 

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Dr Lucy Piggott is a Women and Sport Research Fellow at the University of Chichester. Her research interests and expertise broadly include sociology of sport, gender and sport, and qualitative research methods. Specifically, her doctorate was focused on gender equity within English sport governance. She is coordinator of the Women’s Sport Leadership Academy (2016-) and is a member of the Operational Management Group of the Anita White Foundation. She led on the development and launch of the Women and Sport: The ChangeMakers project which is an online resource that celebrates the lives and work of women and sport activists. Lucy is also a level 2 football coach and plays competitive tennis locally.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/lucy-piggott-fhea-77a56359/

Deakin Women in Sport and Exercise (WISE) aims to improve women’s participation in sport and exercise across their lifespan through world-class research and by strengthening relationships with communities and partners. We're actively involved in challenging, changing and advancing the sport industry and its related businesses. From coaching to media and social development, the team at WISE cover a range of areas that assist in the research and development of female involvement in exercise and sport.

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Molly Hurford is a coach & journalist in love with all things cycling, running, yoga, nutrition and movement-related. When not outside, she’s writing on TheOutdoorEdit.com, interviewing world-class athletes and scientists for The Consummate Athlete Podcast, or writing articles for Outside, Bicycling and TrueSport, among others. She’s a USA Cycling & PMBI-certified cycling coach and a registered yoga teacher with the Yoga Alliance. Molly is obsessed with getting more women psyched on adventure and wellness, and hosts talks and coaches clinics and camps for cyclists. She’s also the author of multiple books on cycling and nutrition. Her most recent project, Shred Girls, is a young adult fiction series out with Random House and website focused on getting girls excited about bikes.