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Get involved in research investigating: Caffeine’s effect on repeated sprints and interval exercise! Aim: To gain a better understanding of caffeine’s effect on exercise during repeated sprint and interval exercise. This study will also aim to determine whether the effects differ in females compared to males and better understand the influence of the menstrual cycle in females.

What does the research involve? A repeated sprint and interval session after ingesting either caffeine or placebo. Females will be tested in two phases of the menstrual cycle to investigate the effects caffeine may or may not have. Blood and saliva samples will be taken.

How can take part? 

  • Healthy active individuals.

  • Females who experience natural menstrual cycles and females who take monophasic birth control pills

  • Females 18 – 55 and males 18 – 45 years of age

Please contact:

Gabriella Swart (School of Sport and Exercise Sciences, University of Kent)